Magnet Films presents “1/2”

Written and Directed by
Raffaele Salvaggiola

Produced by
Giovanni Basso, Matteo Macaluso and Raffaele Salvaggiola

Luca Nucera, Carlotta Pircher,
Maurizio Lupinelli, Stefano Terenziani,
Piergiorgio Gallicani, Daniela Stecconi,
Francesco Stomboli, Fabrizio Croci,
Loredana Scianna, Antonio Buccarello,
Donatello Landi


Emiliano is an aspiring filmmaker who has directed several short films, and he feels it's time to experiment with a feature film. After a first attempt, ambiguous and failed, to find a production willing to finance his project, Emiliano meets Marco. Strong and charismatic, Marco is an outsider, a bishop of an alternartive type of cinema, who enters into Emiliano's life undermining all his certainty. To achieve his dream Emiliano will have to question his most deeply held convictions looking for his "real" self once and for all.

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